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CE Marking: Why does it matter?

CE marking of generating sets comes from 3 primary parts.

Noise Directive

This means your genset has undergone a professional level of noise testing to achieve its dBA output. CE Marking decrees that ISO3744 must be used for gensets below 500kVA and is a legal requirement to be better than 85DBA @ 1metre 3/4 load.

Enrogen tests our gensets to ISO3744 using calibrated instruments at defined measuring points. So un-policed is CE marking that many fail to perform such tests or perform them in an unspecified manner with limited samples and uncalibrated test equipment.

Machinery Directive

This lays out fundamental practices for safety and is very global. In essence requirements for a genset come down to guarding, signage and emergency stoppage. In most cases for enclosed gensets this means fan guarding, emergency stop buttons on exterior of enclosure and ISO warning signage, for heat, noise, moving parts.

On electrical panels there are requirements for fault ratings, touch protection and even corrosion.

Enrogen gensets have been checked for compliance, ensuring your operators are safe and your insurance aspects are covered.

EMC Directive (Electromagnetic)

This is one of the most difficult parts for CE marking, but by general is achieved through the use of CE marked components in terms of breaker and alternator. Enclosed generators typically will pass this test easily as the steel enclosure is completely around the electrical parts forming a Faraday cage.

But what about plant room installs?

For these the genset is CE Marked, but the installer may have to consider other aspects as the CE marking scope becomes limited. For example, noise on an open unit is 105dBA requiring plant room attenuation, acoustic doors and especially safety signage for noise. Heat, cabling and other factors also have to be considered as they now become parts of the plant room and not the genset.

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