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Find the right generator in our low to high horsepower ranges, and discover what's inside an Enrogen diesel generator.

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Generators engineered for standard applications from households to large scale infrastructure.

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A higher standard of engineering.

Explore the typical features of our enclosed diesel generators.


Manufactured from 2mm Zintec Steel, powder coated, and noise tested.


Engines and alternators are painted for corrosion inhibition and easy cleaning.


Batteries are premium Varta, Hankook, or Optima types.


Radiator access hatches allow for ease of access.

Fuel Tanks

Baseframe tanks complete with gauge capable of running units for min. 8 hrs.

Control Panels

On-board control panels are provided foreasy use and access.

Lockable Doors

Enclosure doors are all fully lockable for security.


High-quality maintenance access with premium material backed acoustic foam.

Exclusively partnering with world leading suppliers.

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